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Welcome in the Free Wi-Fi Service

Connection service free of Comune di Montecatini Terme


With the project "Free Wi-Fi" the City of Montecatini Terme will offer free Wi-Fi through the standard Technological Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n to allow the use of Internet in the open spaces of the main squares and the main places interest of citizens.

There are currently 13 active access points called HotSpot sites in various places in the city as you will see in the section "Hotspot Map", with a wide area of coverage.
Service management and authentication is carried out by the company Sokom Srl, the operator of Service.
The project was carried out with all the required technical precautions to ensure the respect of the environment and health of citizens.

In particular:
the national legislation on the provision of public telecommunications services;
the national legislation on electromagnetic fields;
regional and local regulations for the management of telecommunications equipment.

Good Surfing to All !!!