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How to run the Service

Registration to the service

All citizens can subscribe to the service Free Wi-Fi. To register, you must log on to the web page http://www.wifi.comune.montecatini-terme.pt.it/en/registrazione.php, where there is a form that asking you for some personal data, an email and a phone number of an Italian operator.
The data, as well as for statistical purposes, are used along with information about mobile users (holder of the phone) to enable the competent judicial authorities to identify those responsible in case of misuse of the service and they are:

mobile number
name and surname
bithdate and birthplace
residence address

It should be read carefully and explicitly accept the "Terms of Service". It is a real contract that you conclude with the Administration and that it agrees to comply in all its parts.
After confirming your registration, we will send an SMS to mobile number used during registration, with the password that will be used, along with the number itself, to identify when you want access to Free WiFi .
It is not possible to register more than once with the same mobile number.
Foreigner user (without italian SIM card), it's possible to obtain your credentials to access internet, in the public office URP inside the City Hall in Viale Verdi, after exibitions of your Identity Document.

Access to the network

The system allows users to navigate with any device that supports WiFi technology , in particular the objective is to favor the connection in mobility for those who use tools such as :

mobile device (notebook, laptop, netbook, etc..)

When you are in one of the areas covered by the service on your device, in your Wi-Fi networks available you will see "MontecatiniTermeWiFi", simply select and connect. Now you can navigate freely (without authentication) on some sites available on the captive portal where you are redirected automatically.
If you want to visit other sites (eg : Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc..) you'll have to authenticate. Just try calling an address on your browser, other than those available without authentication will see a login page (Captive Portal) which prompted the Mobile Number and Password.
If you are already registered, please enter your credentials and you can access any website within the limits (time and/or traffic data) provided by the service. When you click on the button "Login" automatically opens a window (Connection Status) where you can check in real time how much you have used and how much remains of the resources at your disposal.
It's important to have popups enabled on the browser, otherwise the window will not open ! In this case you can call it manually by using the link http://hs1.wifi.comune.montecatini-terme.pt.it/status.html. This link will only work when connected to the network Free WiFi, otherwise the page is not found.
If you are not yet registered, you need to register.

Surfing the web

Free WiFi service allows any user to freely surf the web without restrictions on the pages that you visit and the actions that you can take (subject to local regulations).
To allow everyone the opportunity to use the service in a satisfactory manner and to try to minimize the possibility of saturation of the network has been decided to put limits on the amount of resources used:

each user, per connection, can surf for a limited time;
each user, per connection, can generate a limited volume of traffic data (download or upload)
For each connection, it reaches a threshold, the user is automatically logged off from the service.
The limits are per day and are reset after midnight of each day.

Logout from the network

To exit from the network you can click on the "Exit Network Free WiFi" on the status window or simply close the wi-fi, after two minutes of complete inactivity you will be automatically disconnected from the network.

Note : if the window had not been opened, or had been closed in error, you can call it manually by using the link http://hs1.wifi.comune.montecatini-terme.pt.it/status.html. Questo link funziona solo quando siete connessi alla rete Free WiFi, in caso contrario la pagina non viene trovata.

User panel

To enter the user panel you have access to the web page http://www.wifi.comune.montecatini-terme.pt.it/utenti/en/ and log in using the same credentials (mobile number and password) used to connect to the network Free WiFi.
Within the user panel there are 5 sections accessible by as many links in the user menu on the right side of the page:
home page
graphs of connections
change personal details
change password
delete user
The last link in the user menu "Exit panel" serves precisely to log off the user panel.

Home page

It is the first page that appears when you enter the User Panel . Here is a general summary of the resources used by the first access to date and details of the type last 7 days in which it was made at least one network access wifi.

Graphs of connections

In this section you will find two charts, the first is a graph showing a histogram for each day the amount of data downloaded and uploaded, the second is a line graph showing for each day the number of accesses to the network. Both graphs show information about the last seven days in which it was made at least one network access wi-fi.

Change Personal Details

You can always change the data entered at registration if they are wrong or obsolete (for example if you change the address of residence). Once you've entered the correct information simply click on the "Update" button to save your changes.
The only data that can not be changed is the mobile phone number. You have to re-register with the new number and eventually eliminate the old user.

Change Password

On this page you can change the password received by SMS during registration. There is no limit to the number of times the password can be changed, rather it would be good idea to change it at least a couple times a year and never reuse the old ones. The password must be at least 7 characters.

Delete user

If a user wishes can cancel the subscription simply by clicking the "Confirm Delete". The user data are not immediately removed from the archives but are stored, according to law, for a certain period. In this period you can not make a new entry using the same cell phone number but you can ask the reactivation of the old user contacting the company manager of the service, Sokom srl, through the hotline 800 978 908.